Who we are?

We are an R&D team that focused on

“Intelligent Solutions for Engineering Enterprises” and that’s the reason we called us “ISEE”

Our team structure

A team that consists of hardware and software engineers as the core of it,

covered by creative designers. You can familiar with OUR TEAM

Our projects fields

. AI

Artificial Intelligence is the future, every aspect of our life

will be affected by it very soon. If you want to be a part of the future,

you must be focused on AI right now.

. IoT

By developing the infrastructure of communication, especially 5G networks,

Today, we are going to connect every device to the internet.

This procedure leads to a new generation of services based on the Internet of Things.

. Interactive Media

Nowadays, the most effective mediums, are digital ones.

Digital media are getting close to a new approach that we can call them Interactive Media

. Energy

E = mc2 reminds us that we are consist of energy and it is the most important factor in our life.

We are researching & developing new approaches to access and manage energy.

. Product Design

The 21 century is the product century.

Humans experience better senses in every aspect of their lives by the power of product design.